DailyFantasySports.org Tracker 1.0

What is it?

Being a great daily fantasy player is as much about putting together great lineups as it is playing the right games. Just as in poker, game selection is critical for any daily fantasy superstar. With the DailyFantasySports.org tracker users are able to upload their FanDuel (other sites coming soon) .csv files and have them broken down by sport to show you where your great ROI, Win %, Net Profit etc. lies within, and where you're throwing away your money. If you want to become a winning player, it starts with plugging the holes in your game and further exploiting the ones in others. By using this free tool we'll help you do to just that. Sign up using the form to the right and you'll be on your way in less than five minutes!

How it Works

Head to FanDuel.com, and click on the "My Contests" tab.

On the My Contests page, locate your entry history and from there select "Download as CSVā€¦"

Once you've got your CSV file, sign up for the Tracker by using the Sign Up/Log In form on the right

After you've signed up, click on the Import CSV link from within your user panel

Use the CSV import tool to upload the .csv file that you downloaded from FanDuel.

Behold a plethora of statistics that will help you find games you're beating, and ones you're not.

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